Ritratto2Alberto Fratini, born Rome,  11th August 1953.

After his degree in philosophy on the theories of Gilles Deleuze, he started teaching philosophy in high-school. At the same time, he developed an increasing interest in the Arabic language and the Islamic world, which he translated into numerous journeys in the Middle East, North Africa and through the Sahara desert.

He was one of the founders, along with other fellow teachers and philosophers coordinated by Guido Traversa, of the centre for philosophical counselling IFACE.
Along with his teaching and professional activity he has always continued his personal research work on the Cosmos of the Ancients, the subject matter of a series of lectures at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in the Professor Eugenio Lo Sardo’s department.
A decisive element was a long journey in 1989 with his friend Franco Lattanzi to Turkey and Syria, which led to the “discovery” of the city of Harran.

ImmagineSince then, his studies have been concentrated on this important, yet nearly unknown, archaeological and cultural centre of the Near East.
Alberto Fratini has therefore started a travel back in time of more than 3000 years of history, revealing fragments of a city still shrouded in mystery where magic rituals, prayers to planets and biblical charms echo with the cult of the Moon, of which Harran was the main centre throughout history.
The result of these years of research have been various publications (here) edited by Carlo Prato on Sabians and Sabeism (a theme strictly connected to the history of Harran) and a rich monograph (still unpublished) for a wider public titled “HARRAN: the Moon city”.