Unpublished works

La Città della Luna

The City of the Moon (1992)

Over three millennia of history told through a vivid collection of paintings illustrating the events and characters that mark this path throughout time:  the magnificent temple devoted to the Moon, famous all over  the ancient world, and the fantastic story of the Sabians and their magical rituals represent the two main blocks of this work. A fascinating journey in the pursuit of  an absolutely extraordinary capital of the Near East.

 La Luna e la religione dei filosofi

The Moon and the Philosophers’ Religion (1994)

Four emblematic moments narrating the historical and religious tale of Harran: the cult of the Moon, the presumed establishment of the Platonic Academy, the complex issue of the Sabians and Sabeism, as well as astral magic. This work is not only for connoisseurs.

 Sabei e Sabini

Sabians and Sabines: Materials for Re-reading A Myth of the Origin of the History of Rome (2011)

In a copy of the Koran in Pico della Mirandola’s library, a famous scholar, Raimondo Guglielmo Moncada (Flavius Mithridates), translated the Arabic term Sabi’yyn with “Sabines” (Sura XXII, 17).  This  is a surprising translation which inspired the author of the present study to reconsider  the traditional view of Sabeism as  a universal religion, by re-elaborating it on the basis of an original interpretation.